At CDN Layer we seek to achieve the highest standards so we spread our network all around the world and we give our best to minimize latency.



Now easily accessible with CDN Layer!

Live streaming

Streaming has now become easily accessible, but this doesn’t mean that quality is generally available.

Website Performance

Your website requires great speed

Website Performance

If you own a website that requires great speed and an optimal time of response, CDN Layer is for you.


Suited for all kind of organizations

Video Delivery

Video Delivery is suited for organizations like educational institutions, advertising agencies, traditional broadcasters and others.

Dynamic Encoding

Match the content with your various audiences

Dynamic Encoding

The ultimate purpose for everyone is to make sure that a technology reaches as many people from your target as possible.

Adaptive Streaming

Avoid the annoying buffering

Adaptive Streaming

There is no doubt that adaptive streaming is a service you definitely need because it adjusts the quality of a video when the network conditions change.
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